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The Donnas

Interview with bassist Maya Ford, a.k.a. Donna F., conducted originally for OUTSIDER Webzine, some time in 2003. Questions were answered via email while on the way to the first gig of the Spend the Night tour.

1. What's up with the Electrocutes?

The Electrocutes was our band before we were the Donnas. It's all the same people, but we played faster, more complex music and we wore weirder clothes. The Electrocutes thought the Donnas were "goody-two-shoes". Near the end of hiskool we merged the two bands cuz more people were going to Donnas shows cuz the Donnas were catchier and the Electrocutes were just noisy and a little scary.

2. Would you describe your music as "punk rock"?

Not really. I think we're just rock 'n roll.