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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Who the hell are you?
Well, let's see... My name is Sam. I've been in various bands over the years. Most recently (and notably) I was the front man for Oi! band Dead City Dealers. Other short lived projects in my sordid past include The Disliked (where I played rhythm guitar), Bob Sagget and the FullHouse, The Яeversatiles, and The RUNS. I also do the occasional solo work (of the lo-fi, home recording variety), and collaborate with whoever'll put up with me.

I've been a guitarist, a front man, a radio DJ, a promoter, a graphic artist, a critic, a webzine editor/webmaster... and haven't seen one red cent from any of it yet (Haha).

I've been conducting online interviews for about a decade now. I have had my work featured in Faction Press (now the Cleveland Independent), and on websites like Nihilism on the Prowl!,, and my own webzines, Outsider and Artless Nonculture.

I have conducted interviews with the likes of Maya Ford (The Donnas), Spike Slawson (Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Swingin' Utters, Filthy Thieving Bastards, The Revolts), Jeff Magnum (The Dead Boys), BJ Lisko (Hellvis, Fools Like You, Turbo Lovers, White Cadillac), John Holmstrom (PUNK Magazine), Steve Assault (Crowd Deterrent, Race Riot, The Struggle), Peter Don't Care (Nihilism On the Prowl, Torcha Shed, Stench), Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival, Viking Jim (The Homegrown Show, Youngstown Rock and Groove Co.), Dave Harris (The Traditionals), Erin Shukait (Factory Kid Buttons), Erin Rahel (The Hot Trash Radio Show), Skwid (Hostile Omish), Bill E. Rotic and Rachel Dreadful (Dropgun, You Have Ten Seconds to Unfuck Yourself), Holly Berry (Dead Enders, The Subtones), Travis Nelson (Hub City Stompers), and many more.

(You can read some of those here.)

So, uh... "Wot's all this, then?"
This is my blog, which doubles as a hub for all of my crap around the web—well, the stuff I plan on keeping current, anyway—including music downloads, merchandise, streaming sites, and various social networks.

This blog was originally the companion to my weekly internet radio show, The Shit Parade, on the now defunct I would mainly post interviews, news related to the radio show, and the occasional rant, or (dare I say) "essay".

After I left DCD, I decided that I was gonna focus on my own interests and get "back to basics", so to speak. As a result, I took this blog, whose initial purpose was to promote the radio program, and started incorporating anything I felt like writing about into it—whether or not it's of any interest to anyone (other than me) is another story altogether.


Why did you leave Dead City Dealers?
Short answer: I got bored. That's not the the only reason, but it's probably the shortest and most general one I can give. If you want a more detailed answer, feel free to email me (or click here).

What are you going to do now? Are you going to start another band?
Possibly, but I won't be singing on stage any time soon. I'm just not into it anymore. The last year or two in DCD it was like I was trying to do a tribute... to myself... or something. I did have sort of an off-the-wall idea for a new band, and even though it'll probably never happen, you can read a little about it here.

So you're not going to be a singer any more?
Well look, if I wanted to front a band, I would've stuck with DCD. I put a lot of work into that band, and I'm very proud to have been a part of it. That being said, I think for now I'm going to stick with writing and recording music at home, either by myself or with a friend or two... occasionally. Other than that, I'm open to playing guitar for a not-so-serious local band. Get at me.

Are you completely through with music?
As I said above, I plan on continuing in my spare time as a songwriter and amateur "recording artist", and I'd like to maybe play guitar. But only for fun. I don't intend to keep playing slews of live gigs at a constant pace, at least not anytime soon.