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Acts Of Defiance (Boardman, OH HxC)

"[The Disliked] were invited to play a show with Kick To Tha Head and Violent Offense at the Chestnut Street Cafe in Sharon. When we got there, we found out that, apparently, the venue owner didn't know that there was a show booked, or no one ever confirmed the date, or something of that nature. After some convincing by Will, we were allowed to have the show (which no one promoted) anyway, and some last minute phone calls were made, adding Ugly Customer, Talk Shit, and another band from Poland, OH called Acts of Defiance to the bill.

"AOD were all young kids from the 'burbs, with the exception of the singer, Zach Scocchera, who lived closer to rural PA. They played very old school-inspired hardcore punk, with songs that lasted anywhere from 30 seconds to just under a minute. Zach had so much energy on stage, and I'm sorry to say that the only time I ever only got to see them perform was at this particular show. The only recordings they had were the ones on their MySpace page, and I managed to download all of them periodically, as they were uploaded, and I probably have the only copies out there aside from the band members themselves (They weren't bad recordings for what sounded like a tape recorder in a trash can!). There's an interview I did with Zach around that time, and you can read it here."


  • Cops Are Criminals
  • Teenage Fuckup
  • Time Bomb
  • I'm Not a Clone
  • More Money Than Brains

The Disliked - Cheap Sex & Canadian Booze EP (2006)

This was the original version of Dead City Dealers, where I played guitar (we had a different singer, Fidget, who left shortly after this). The recordings are kinda rough, but I think they're still listenable, except for the vocals not being very clear. Includes the original version of "Lonely at the Top", and the title track, which is where the instrumental for DCD's "Plastic" came from.

  1. Working Girl
  2. Queen of the Internet Whores
  3. Theme From The Disliked
  4. Used Girl Parts
  5. Will Punk For Beer
  6. Cheap Sex and Canadian Booze
  7. I Hate the Radio
  8. Liberal Stomp
  9. Lonely at the Top

Tween Trades Buds For Noms, lol

Well, since whoever it is that runs the Facebook page for my local newspaper has decided to ban me, for what I can only assume is my unabashed honesty and consistent criticism of the way the newspaper itself is run, I guess from now on I have no choice but to air my (minor, and brief, but nonetheless frequent) frustrations here, in a worldwide setting.

First of all, my town made national news (again) for negative reasons this morning, which isn't my gripe. I mean, I'm all for truth and honesty, so when something horrible or, in this case, hilarious happens in your own backyard (figuratively speaking), it's only natural that the AP is gonna get a hold of it and spread it around a little bit. My complaint here is that not only does the national interest New Castle seems to occasionally receive almost always involve drugs, murder, juvenile charges, or all three, but on top of that, one of the news articles that comes up in any Google search is from the town itself. And it's poorly written.

The New Castle News reads like a high school kid wrote it. And you know what, I wouldn't be all that surprised if that was true, either. I think maybe someone's kid is ghostwriting for them. I mean, for the most part. After all, we still have plenty of stuff from the Associated Press, and they're usually pretty good about, oh I don't know, stuff like not having typos, or strategically placed weasel words and other biased bullshit in their reports. The main thing that got up my ass today, though, is the frequent use of SLANG.

Take this article for instance. Luckily, the headline alone makes me giggle, so I won't go off the deep end this time, but just read the third "paragraph", or, as we outside of the NC NEWS' staff like to call it, the third sentence. Go ahead.

"The bag of weed". Now, you might not realize this, but the term "weed" is a slang term. I believe the correct, legal term is "marijuana". Why does this bother me? I'll tell you...

It's a news article. It's not your fucking blog, or an opinion column. It's a NEWS REPORT. You don't use slang terms in a news article unless you're directly quoting someone. You don't write the way you talk.  You're not talking to your drinking buddy, you're not telling him (or her) a funny story, you're reporting. Write like a goddamn reporter, ferchrissakes.

UPDATE! The saga continues... ("Packaged pot"? When did it become a misdemeanor to distribute cookware!? ;P)

NEWS | Sam Sinister and the Plastic Sinister Band

I just recently launched a ReverbNation profile for my solo project. All of the songs posted thus far are old, except for a "sneak peek" at my new song, which currently has no vocals (or lyrics, for that matter). You can download the instrumental, if you like crap like that. There's also a store, so if you have a dollar or two in your bank account, download a couple MP3s and make me that much richer. I think the transmission in my car is about to shit the bed.

Music press kits

VIDEO: "Idle Action" by Noi!se

Thankfully, after subjecting myself to the worst commercial pap ever last week, I got an email from Matt of the Tacoma, WA band Noi!se, with 2 MP3 files attached to save me from the dead feeling I had inside. I won't include a download link, since I'm pretty sure these are the only 2 songs on their upcoming 4-way split with Razors in the Night, The Broadsiders, and Sydney Ducks, and the band's gonna wanna sell a few copies (not that I'm one to talk, but I don't trust any of you to actually put money down on one of these after you've already gotten it for free. "Working class struggle", and everything). But if you've got the extra cash, and you're feeling supportive, Google it. It exists, I promise you.

The tracks I got from Matt are "Idle Action" and "The Coming Storm", both excellent servings of American Oi!, my only complaint (and it's a minor one) is the long runtime of both songs (4:49 and 4:15, respectively). But hell, I listen to more and more bands with long-ish songs these days, so I'll get over that soon enough I suppose. Check these guys out!

NEWS | Shows n'at.

Alright! 2 new shows at The U-Pie added: 

April 30th
American Werewolves (Cleveland)
Turbo Lovers (Youngstown)
Violent Offense (Youngstown)

Facebook event page: (RSVP!)

May 7th
Midnight (Cleveland)
Fishwives (Youngstown)
Horses Have People Teeth (Sharon/Pittsburgh)

Facebook event page: (RSVP!)

Both shows are 18+, $5 for over 21, $7 for 18-20. Doors open at 9pm.

Here are some music videos to enjoy while you wait patiently for the 30th.

MusicPlaylistView Profile
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NEWS | April 2nd, 2011

I know, I know, it would have been really cool for me to have posted something stupid and hoax-ey yesterday, but I don't always aim to please, and I'm sure as hell not as motivated as people always seem to think I am.

But anyway, you may have noticed that I posted some free album downloads (see below this post on the main page). Probably not. But if you did, good for you. Have at that shit.

And I did, believe it or not, have permission to upload all the shit I put up on here, with the exception of the Oi!'s Revenge comp, which is a web bootleg. But, in all fairness, no one asked for my permission when whoever made it put DCD on it. Or anyone else in DCD's permission, for that matter. So finger-fuck you in the bum-hole, Mister I-Have-Something-To-Say-About-That. Exposure, muthafucka! Stop grubbin' the money. Just be happy that people are hearing your band. I don't even know who I'm addressing right now.

HEY! I just remembered - There was a show last weekend in Youngstown, and you most likely weren't there. Shame on you. It was a good time, I'm here to tell you. The Plaid Disasters were there, and so was Crisis In America. Most of all, Violent Offense was there, and they only got through 4 and a half songs before someone took out the drummer with a bottle and gave him a concussion, the poor guy. Was it you? Probably not, but if so, you should owe up to that shit. You owe Luke some money for stitches, you sonofabitch.

Moving on.

The next show, as of now, is The Return of Dead City Dealers show in quaint little Edinburg, PA with CL1 (Toldeo) and Mala Sangre (Erie). I won't be performing with DCD, so please stop asking me. Unless maybe they still can't find a drummer by then, in which case I might fill in, but don't tell them that yet. It's a secret.

The show's at Fat and Skinny's Bar and Grille on May 14th, and it's a 21-and-over (BOOOOO!) show. You can get in the door for the low, low price of five hard-earned dollars.

That's it for now.


The Sore Losers - Self-Titled LP (2009)

Austin punk rock, featuring members of Razorwire, Oi!sters, and The Pink Swords. Really REALLY reminds me of Pittsburgh punk, and I mean that in the best way possible. You can get in touch with them via their Facebook page, and try to get them to come out your way. I'm sure all it would take is a promise of free beer.

(NOTE: If you like the album and have some extra money to spend, head over to CD Baby and pick one up. It's only a measly 13 bucks!)

VIDEO: "Neither Red Nor Racist" by Bleach Battalion