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VIDEO: "Idle Action" by Noi!se

Thankfully, after subjecting myself to the worst commercial pap ever last week, I got an email from Matt of the Tacoma, WA band Noi!se, with 2 MP3 files attached to save me from the dead feeling I had inside. I won't include a download link, since I'm pretty sure these are the only 2 songs on their upcoming 4-way split with Razors in the Night, The Broadsiders, and Sydney Ducks, and the band's gonna wanna sell a few copies (not that I'm one to talk, but I don't trust any of you to actually put money down on one of these after you've already gotten it for free. "Working class struggle", and everything). But if you've got the extra cash, and you're feeling supportive, Google it. It exists, I promise you.

The tracks I got from Matt are "Idle Action" and "The Coming Storm", both excellent servings of American Oi!, my only complaint (and it's a minor one) is the long runtime of both songs (4:49 and 4:15, respectively). But hell, I listen to more and more bands with long-ish songs these days, so I'll get over that soon enough I suppose. Check these guys out!

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