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Horriblefest, er, Romantic Getaway 2009

Interview with Erin of the Hot Trash radio show and Romantic Getaway 2009 (formerly Horriblefest) at Now That's Class! Interview originally conducted via AIM for Artless Nonculture Webzine, April, 2009.

EHT: I can't believe I'm talking on AIM, it's been like ten years.

(A few minutes go by)


ANC: I'm here, sorry 'bout that.


It didn't play a sound or anything for me...

Maybe I broke it 'cause I forgot what I'm doing.

(Laughs) So should we get right to the interrogation?

Summer Of Hate 2009

Interview with Steve Assault of the bands Crowd Deterrent, The Struggle, and Race Riot, and organizer of Summer of Hate, an annual hardcore festival in Cleveland, Ohio. Conducted originally via AIM for Artless Nonculture Webzine, April, 2009.

ANC: I know you're pressed for time, so we'll try to make this quick. How long do we got before Summer Of Hate '09?

SA: The show is Saturday, July 11th... it is about 2 and 1/2 months away from this date.

How many years in the running has SOH been going?