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Horriblefest, er, Romantic Getaway 2009

Interview with Erin of the Hot Trash radio show and Romantic Getaway 2009 (formerly Horriblefest) at Now That's Class! Interview originally conducted via AIM for Artless Nonculture Webzine, April, 2009.

EHT: I can't believe I'm talking on AIM, it's been like ten years.

(A few minutes go by)


ANC: I'm here, sorry 'bout that.


It didn't play a sound or anything for me...

Maybe I broke it 'cause I forgot what I'm doing.

(Laughs) So should we get right to the interrogation?

Bring it!

Okay. So why the name change? "Horriblefest" had such a nice ring to it...

We decided to cut ties with the fest's namesake. We decided it was better for everyone involved. (Laughs) I won't elaborate any further, but if you know... you know.

What do we have to expect from the festival this year?

Two of the things we're really excited about are getting Kajun SS to reunite and play this one-off show, and bringing the Stitches back after 5 or 6 years.

I'm excited for the hot tub, myself.

It's definitely a selling point. "You going to Cleveland to see all the bands this weekend?" "Oh hell yeah, you know I wouldn't miss sitting in that hot tub with Mr. California!"

I probably won't be there, so you won't have to worry about me clogging the jets.

This is really unfortunate.

I know. I'm really sorry.

Last year, there was a surprise clown with dirty balloon animals...who KNOWS what you will be missing out on this year. You should be ashamed.

I should be. And I am. Who else is playing? I think I saw Short Dark Strangers is on the bill?

Yes, hometown boy Jimmy Rose will make his triumphant return. He's done all kinds of Cleveland bands, and then went on to do Annhilation Time, and whatever else... Russ likes to point out how there is [also] a middle-aged vietnam vet on the mic for them. I guess that's a selling point as well.

I think he used to sing for a band in the eighties called Thin White Line...

Yeah, good dude. Also, we try not to have too many repeats from previous years, but we had to have back Shoot It Up and Holy Shit! Cleveland loves the fuck outta them.

So I see changing the name to "Romantic Getaway" doesn't reflect the content.

Yeah, we were just goofin' around and needed a name (laughs). Paul wanted to call it "Russ Romance's Hot Tub Weekend", but Russ decided that sounded too "gay." He didn't want people to boycott the fest because they were under the impression that he would be hosting it from the hot tub or anything.

That would be pretty cool, actually. He should do that.

Yeah, well, Paul and I thought so. But Russ was adamant. I guess we gotta let him off the hook since he was a good enough sport to be featured on the hot tub flyer (again, if you saw last year's drawing by Johnny Rattail).

Wimp. It shoulda been a photo.

Maybe next year. We had a lot of things we wanted to get to but we sorta ran out of time.

So, I figured we could make this interview like a long, boring, drawn out version of the flyer, but with less sex appeal. That being said, I noticed that two of the three nights have free shows..?

Yeah, in the past we had afternoon matinee shows, and we decided we weren't going to do them this year. But then we just ended up with more bands than we had spots for them to play, so we added on an early show to Friday and Saturday, and made them free to come check out before the night shows. They will both be outside in the back parking lot of Now That's Class... with the hot tub. So we'll see how that goes. Saturday is gonna be a BBQ, as well.

Is this gonna be an all ages thing, or is that out of the question?

Actually I'm not sure how strict security is going to be. That's more Paul's domain. The outdoor free shows shouldn't be a problem, though.

And tickets are at the door only.

Yes. Saturday is probably going to sell out. Actually, Friday might, too. I would suggest that people get there early enough, even if you are going to see a band that is playing later on. You might find something else you like! Or you could just hang out in the basement and buy up all the records for sale.

How much is it to get in again?

Thursday night is $6, Friday is $10, and Saturday is $14.

So you have to be sure to hook on Thursday and Friday to get in on Friday and Saturday. Get with the hookin'.

(Laughs) I think the shows will be fully packed. But I don't remember having to turn away that many people in the past, and we had some packed shows then, too, like BOULDER.

There's a ton of bands signed on for this thing, I'm gonna have to check out some of the ones I'm not familiar with...

If I could lay it on you a little?

By all means!!

Druid Perfume, who are playing on Saturday night, are ex-members of the Pirhanas. The Magnetix are coming all the way from France for the fest, and then they set up a tour around it... that's how sweet they are! Kajun SS (Saturday night) features King Louie on vocals, and he is playing a one man band set on Thursday night. And other members of Kajun SS are also in Wizzard Sleeve. It should be amazing!

What about some of the new-ish local acts playing this year?

The Luxury Units are the newest (and youngest!). They open a lot of garage-type shows at Now Thats Class. The homostupids are a crowd favorite, and I'm anxiously waiting to see what ridiculous spot they choose to play in this year... it's always the most awkward and unlikely place. There was some talk about having them play in the girls' bathroom... Can you imagine?! Like, ten people would be able to watch them in the hallway.

You'd be surprised how many people you can fit in a girls' bathroom.

Like one of those clown cars.

Exactly! Except what's squirting isn't selter water.

Actually, I'm sure it would be A LOT like that.

With the selter water?

With clowns and pies to the face and non-seltzer water.

(Chuckles) Pies to the face... Okay, I think this has degenerated enough...

I was just getting started!

Leave 'em wanting more.


Any last words about the fest, or maybe just life in general?

I just hope it's the biggest (and most well-organized) party we've thrown yet. You can find a list with all the bands on MySpace...

Anything else?


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