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Interview with drummer Skwid. Originally conducted via MySpace for Artless Nonculture Webzine, August, 2009.

Who am I talking to exactly?

I'm Skwid - drummer for Hostile Omish.

How long have you guys been a band?

We started out as a "family thing" - Me, my 2 brothers, and a cousin - back in 1986.

Who else is in the band?

There's me (Skwid) on drums, Filth on guitar and vocals, Davey-Do-Right-Don't-Do-Me-Dirty on the bass, and Aimlet on guitar... Oh yeah - and Buggylump & Malachi on churns!

How would you describe your sound?

One word - "Barncore".

Who (or what) are your main influences?

Main influences? All music (and beer)...

How and when did you get into punk?

We've been into punk all of our lives, pretty much raised on Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Suicidal Tendencies, the old U2, and The Smiths.

If you could play a one-off gig with any 3 bands, who would they be and why?

Well, we've pretty much played with most of our idols (Misfits, Circle Jerks, Dead Milkmen, a bunch of the Epitaph family, blah blah blah), but I guess a killer show would be:

Hostile Omish
The Clash
The Smiths
and Slayer

Where do you guys usually play?

We tour nationally and regionally, but we do a lot of local stuff in Ohio. During down time, we make short films and music videos.

What's the furthest from home have you played?

We've played CBGB's and the Whisky A Go Go and pretty much everywhere in between. This spring, we plan to release a new video series explaining how each member left our Amish community to join a punk band, followed by a tour of England and Japan.

Who are your favorite bands from this general region?

Mobile Death Camp (Michigan)
L.A.W. (Toledo)
Bushwalla (Bedford)
Johnny Mohawk and the Assassins (Cleveland)
H.H.C. (Cleveland)

What's your favorite peanut butter brand? Do you think it stands up to the leading brand?

JIF - smooth - no others compare.

Favorite movie?

It's a tie between Batman (the good one) and Evil Dead.

Who is the best dancer in your band?

Davey - smooth - no others compare.

How many times a week do you think a band should practice?

Bands should practice as much as possible - I do not recommend lessons. Self-teaching allows one to develop their own "style." We hardly ever practice.

Who do you see as your band's arch-nemesis?

The Earthquakers from PA; totally ripped off our gig! LAME.

Bar shows or all-ages?

Both - two different animals, my friend.

What do you think this area is lacking in terms of a good punk scene?

This scene blows. All the clubs are overpriced, beer is overpriced, tickets... it costs kids $20-$30 just to go see a local show! How about a $5 cover charge?

What can we do to improve it?

Move far away.

Any advice or words of wisdom before we wrap this up?


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