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Acts Of Defiance (Boardman, OH HxC)

"[The Disliked] were invited to play a show with Kick To Tha Head and Violent Offense at the Chestnut Street Cafe in Sharon. When we got there, we found out that, apparently, the venue owner didn't know that there was a show booked, or no one ever confirmed the date, or something of that nature. After some convincing by Will, we were allowed to have the show (which no one promoted) anyway, and some last minute phone calls were made, adding Ugly Customer, Talk Shit, and another band from Poland, OH called Acts of Defiance to the bill.

"AOD were all young kids from the 'burbs, with the exception of the singer, Zach Scocchera, who lived closer to rural PA. They played very old school-inspired hardcore punk, with songs that lasted anywhere from 30 seconds to just under a minute. Zach had so much energy on stage, and I'm sorry to say that the only time I ever only got to see them perform was at this particular show. The only recordings they had were the ones on their MySpace page, and I managed to download all of them periodically, as they were uploaded, and I probably have the only copies out there aside from the band members themselves (They weren't bad recordings for what sounded like a tape recorder in a trash can!). There's an interview I did with Zach around that time, and you can read it here."


  • Cops Are Criminals
  • Teenage Fuckup
  • Time Bomb
  • I'm Not a Clone
  • More Money Than Brains

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