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NEWS | April 2nd, 2011

I know, I know, it would have been really cool for me to have posted something stupid and hoax-ey yesterday, but I don't always aim to please, and I'm sure as hell not as motivated as people always seem to think I am.

But anyway, you may have noticed that I posted some free album downloads (see below this post on the main page). Probably not. But if you did, good for you. Have at that shit.

And I did, believe it or not, have permission to upload all the shit I put up on here, with the exception of the Oi!'s Revenge comp, which is a web bootleg. But, in all fairness, no one asked for my permission when whoever made it put DCD on it. Or anyone else in DCD's permission, for that matter. So finger-fuck you in the bum-hole, Mister I-Have-Something-To-Say-About-That. Exposure, muthafucka! Stop grubbin' the money. Just be happy that people are hearing your band. I don't even know who I'm addressing right now.

HEY! I just remembered - There was a show last weekend in Youngstown, and you most likely weren't there. Shame on you. It was a good time, I'm here to tell you. The Plaid Disasters were there, and so was Crisis In America. Most of all, Violent Offense was there, and they only got through 4 and a half songs before someone took out the drummer with a bottle and gave him a concussion, the poor guy. Was it you? Probably not, but if so, you should owe up to that shit. You owe Luke some money for stitches, you sonofabitch.

Moving on.

The next show, as of now, is The Return of Dead City Dealers show in quaint little Edinburg, PA with CL1 (Toldeo) and Mala Sangre (Erie). I won't be performing with DCD, so please stop asking me. Unless maybe they still can't find a drummer by then, in which case I might fill in, but don't tell them that yet. It's a secret.

The show's at Fat and Skinny's Bar and Grille on May 14th, and it's a 21-and-over (BOOOOO!) show. You can get in the door for the low, low price of five hard-earned dollars.

That's it for now.


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