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Viking Jim (The Homegrown Show)

(This interview was done during Artless Nonculture's first run, back in December of '07, I believe. Vike's no longer at The Wolf as a regular jock, but he's still the fuckin' dude behind The Homegrown Show. He now also runs something called The Youngstown Rock and Groove Company. Here's the original chat we had almost 3 years ago...)

VIKING JIM is your friend. Better recognize. He and his buddy JT host an all-Valley bands radio show on WNCD (93.3 FM on your radio tuner), every Sunday night from 9:00 to 10:00 pm. You need to listen to this show! And don't forget to send your CD's in for a chance to get played on the fuckin' airwaves!! They've already played tracks from The Hollywood Blondes, The Kellys, Hellvis, and the Dead Boys. So get in on this before the "Powers That Be" shut it down or something...