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Rhythm guitarist/hack songwriter/visionary looking to form new band

(WARNING: This note will be filled with insane, OCD-induced lists full of slashes and/or parenthesis, and an unreasonable amount of demands and stipulations.)

Shitty songwriter and rhythm guitarist looking to start a band that is equal parts punk rock and soul music. Looking for like-minded individuals.

Band will be based in New Castle, PA. Must have dependable transportation, unless you can provide a rehearsal space at your place of residence.

Only looking to play 3 to 5 gigs throughout the year. Willing to open for other bands. We will probably only headline 1 or 2 gigs a year. These will be well-promoted, well-organized events, with a solid bill. 
Also eager to organize/jump onto house shows, and play open mic/"jam" nights.

Not looking to tour or make a career out of this. WILL NOT play "battle of the bands" gigs, or sell tickets for promoters (I am very adamant about this point). Not a competitive or overly ambitious "career musician."

I would just like to write, record, and come up with a set of originals as well as some covers.

-Bassist (Excellent rhythm, and relative pitch necessary. Perfect pitch a plus. Ability to play walking basslines and/or end fills preferred, but not a requirement). 
-Drummer* (Excellent rhythm required. Must understand the concept of simplicity and know how to "hold back". No show-offs).
-Singer (Must have good knowledge of 1950s, '60s, and '70s blues, R&B, and soul. Tenor or baritone a plus. Falsetto ability a definite plus). Looking mainly for a male singer, but will consider a female one.
-Reliable rehearsal space.

Wanted, but not manditory
-Lead guitarist (Blues and jazz skills a must. Should also be able to play Chuck Berry riffs, and not feel stifled by songs with a 3-chord structure. Excellent rhythm, and relative pitch necessary. Perfect pitch a plus.). Position is already filled.
-Keyboardist (Knowledge of, and ability to play, boogie woogie, jazz, and gospel is very necessary. Realistic piano and organ sounds a must! Excellent rhythm, and relative pitch necessary. Perfect pitch a plus).
-Hand percussionist.*
-Brass (Sax and trumpet in particular. Excellent rhythm, and relative pitch necessary. Perfect pitch a plus). 

*NOTE: We already have one guy who can play kit drums and/or hand percussion. So if you can also play both of those, then the two of you can work out who is doing what, or switch off between songs. It's up to you.

About me (important):
I play in my own style. I have relative pitch recognition (I can "play by ear"), and do not know a lot about music theory. I cannot read sheet music or normal tablature. My guitar is tuned to a variation of Open-E, so I play barred power chords and follow chord progressions in a horizontal fretting style. Fairly versatile despite my eccentric "technique." I basically play guitar like a caveman. Hence the desire for other "play by ear" bandmates. I DO know which chords I'm playing, though, so if I can tell you I'm playing, "B, G, E, A sharp," and you can take it from there, we're good. Just don't tell me to "tune my guitar right."

Northern soul/Motown, '60s girl group sound
-Gloria Jones
-The Supremes
-The Temptations
-Jackie Wilson
-The Four Tops
-The Contours
-Martha and the Vandellas
-Gladys Knight and the Pips
-Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
-The Ronettes
-Little Stevie Wonder 
-Marvin Gaye

Stax/Southern soul/Memphis Sound, '60s funk
-Otis Redding
-Ray Charles
-Little Richard
-James Brown
-Rufus Thomas
-Isley Brothers
-Sam and Dave
-Eddie Floyd
-Booker T. & the MGs
-Sam Cooke
-Bill Withers
-Wilson Pickett
-Al Green
-Aretha Fanklin
-Mable John
-King Floyd
-Ann Peebles
-Staples Singers
-Dusty Springfield
-The Blues Brothers (Yes, they count)

NOTE: The "Phillidelphia Sound," quiet storm/slow jams, and disco music all SUCK.

Chess/Chicago blues/Electric blues
-Howlin' Wolf
-Muddy Waters
-Bo Diddley
-Chuck Berry
-B.B. King
-George Thorogood
-John Lee Hooker

Jump blues/Boogie-woogie
-Louis Jordan
-Big Joe Turner
-Louis Prima
-Jerry Lee Lewis
-Little Richard
-Johnny Otis

Punk blues/Punk R&B
-Rocket From the Crypt
-The Dirtbombs
-Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
-early White Stripes
-Andre Willams
-Detroit Cobras
-Kings of Nuthin'

Hard rock/blues-based glam, Proto-punk
-AC/DC (Bon Scott era)
-Rose Tattoo
-The Jook
-Mott the Hoople
-Alice Cooper
-New York Dolls
-Elton John (the upbeat stuff)
-David Bowie
-Suzi Quatro
-The Runaways
-Joan Jett
-Gary Glitter
-The Sweet
-Cock Sparrer
-The Stooges
-The Faces
-later Rolling Stones (select songs)
-Brownsville Station
-Cheap Trick
-The MC5
-Hollywood Brats
-The Boys
-Electric Frankenstein
-The Dead Boys

'60s punk/Garage punk
-The Sonics
-The Kingsmen
-Modern Lovers
-The Doors (Yeah, that's right. I said it.)
-Velvet Underground
-The Mummies
-early Kinks
-Guitar Wolf
-The Hives
-The Cramps
-early Rolling Stones
-Sam the Sham
-Dave Clark 5
-Question Mark and the Mysterians
-The Trashmen
-The Troggs
-The Cynics
-Detroit Cobras

Oi!/First-wave UK street punk ("proto-Oi!")
-Sham 69
-Cockney Rejects
-Angelic Upstarts
-Cock Sparrer
-UK Subs
-early Exploited
-Slaughter and the Dogs
-Last Resort
-The Business
-Infa Riot
-Peter and the Test Tube Babies
-early Vice Squad
-!Action Pact!
-The Oppressed
-Hard Skin

American Oi! in that style
-The Bruisers
-The Press

More Oi! bands from other countries
-Battle Scarred
-Vanilla Muffins
-Evil Conduct
-The Cliches
-Alternate Action
-On The Job
-Tower Blocks

-early Beatles
-early Who
-Elvis Costello
-Joe Jackson
-Cheap Trick
-The Boys
-The Nerves
-some of Billy Joel's stuff
-The Beach Boys
-The Jags
-The Pointed Sticks
-The Buzzcocks
-early Blondie

Jamaican stuff
-Prince Buster
-Toots and the Maytals
-The Wailing Wailers
-Phyllis Dillon
-Desmond Dekker
-Derrick Morgan

Local favorites
-The Cheats (Pittsburgh)
-The Traditionals (Pittsburgh)
-Dropgun (Akron)
-CL1 (Toledo)
-Mala Sangre (Erie)
-Turbo Lovers (Youngstown)
-Half Life (Pittsburgh)
-Rubber City Rebels (Akron)
-Atomic Drops (Pittsburgh)
-The Throwbacks (Erie)
-American Werewolves (Cleveland)

Other random bands
-The Equals
-Hub City Stompers
-Buddy Holly
-Screaming Jay Hawkins
-The Germs
-Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards
-The Dead Milkmen
-Blanks 77
-Toy Dolls
-Swingin' Utters
-Misfits (Danzig-era)
-Johnny Cash
-early Elvis Presley
-The Coasters
-Creedence Clearwater Revival
-Kermit's Finger
-The Black Marias
-Link Wray
-Murder City Devils
-The Pogues
-The Lemons
-New Bomb Turks

Also, Keith Morris-era Black Flag. And the Ramones. Seriously... those are important.

I'm not interested in playing political music. I don't want to be involved in anything political at all, not even "scene politics." I just wanna write some good songs and record them, and play out a few times a year.

I will play with punks, non-punks (AKA "normal" people), soulies, rudies, garage rockers, psychobillies, hardcore guys-- whatever.

I will also play with other NON-RACIST skinheads. Trads, "hardcore skins," and non-group-affiliated SHARPs only. I will NOT play with known organized racists, Neo-Nazi apologists, fencesitters, etc., but I also won't intimately associate myself with the PC Mafia. Sorry, but that's the breaks.

If all of this seems reasonable to you, and you're still interested, then congratulations, fellow New Castle anomaly! You're just as fucked up as I am (possibly even more so!). In addition, this probably means that you've actually read through my entire babbling proposal without getting bored. We're probably destined to work together.


  1. Do you got space for a fencesitting synthplayer living in sweden with a huge desmond dekker fetish?