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The Sore Losers - Self-Titled LP (2009)

Austin punk rock, featuring members of Razorwire, Oi!sters, and The Pink Swords. Really REALLY reminds me of Pittsburgh punk, and I mean that in the best way possible. You can get in touch with them via their Facebook page, and try to get them to come out your way. I'm sure all it would take is a promise of free beer.

(NOTE: If you like the album and have some extra money to spend, head over to CD Baby and pick one up. It's only a measly 13 bucks!)

  1. Losers
  2. Oi! Social D
  3. Nobody
  4. Booze
  5. SWOAN
  6. GBH
  7. Prom Queen
  8. WWIII
  9. Radio
  10. New Trash
  11. Sounds
  12. Never Enough
  13. Dreams
  14. All Girls
  15. Problems
  16. Running
  17. Death
  18. Cliff Hanger
  19. Time
  20. Last Call


Thanks to Mike Drucker for the CD, and permission to post it.

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