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REVIEWS | Dirt Box Disco - "Tragic Roundabout"

Another decent song from another punk band with a shitty name! Check it out, it's a toe-tapper.

Dirt Box Disco - Tragic Roundabout - 20th June 2011 by DirtBoxDisco

Artless Nonculture wezine has been defunct for a couple of years now, but I got this email today from someone named "Maff" (really), who apparently doesn't do his research:

DIRT BOX DISCO - TRAGIC ROUNDABOUT - Debut single released on 20/06/2011


I would like to submit a song for you to review, "TRAGIC ROUNDABOUT" Debut single, released on 20th June 2011, through Deadfly Recordings, available from, itunes, CD baby, Amazon etc..
taken from the forthcoming yet to be named Dirt Box Disco - EP, Due for release Oct 2011. please have a listen to the song @
I can send you the (320kbps) Mp3 on request.

(EPK) here -

thank you


Dirt Box Disco
Derbyshire - UK - November 2009, five open minded individuals got together and formed a band! and as they say, the rest is history! continously giging alover the UK, popularity grows! visualy it gets a little stranger every day! but with kick ass, rock n roll / punk / alternative tunes to keep you hooked, your left with a visual bombardment on the senses! you will laugh, you might cry, but you will be singing along before the end of the next song! DIRT BOX DISCO are all about the show, the fun and the entertainment! they are not boring! they are rock n roll!

LINKS. (full Gig listings here) (shop)

Like I said, it's a good song, though, so if you're into paying money for MP3s, go for it.

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