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Some thoughts...

1. I used to dress like a weird asshole to make squares nervous. I liked it, and it was fun. I just got bored with it and I was only doing it for the last couple of years I did because I'm a stubborn, contrary prick and I hate getting lectures from girlfriends and my grandmother, and doing something harmless like stabbing my clothes and safety pinning cigarette butts to a sleeveless denim jacket is spiteful and therefore hilarious. Anyway, like I said, I finally got bored with it, so I started wearing clothes that I actually like now.

2. Playing shows is nerve-racking, unless maybe I just got a bad taste in my mouth for it with the last band I was in, or maybe I'm just getting older and the general population of dingbats annoy me more than they used to. Going to shows is only fun if i know 75% of the people there, and the number of attendees doesn't get much higher than 30.

3. I don't care about scene points, credibility, drama, politics, or whether or not anyone can "vouch for me." I do like to meet new people with interests similar to mine, and even people with views slightly different from mine who can "live and let live" (in most cases). That being said, I've met some cool people from my own small involvement in "the scene," and probably will continue to until I finally die of a heart attack from eating too much greasy food and smoking too many cigarettes. I have a lot of good friends. As far as I'm concerned, that's my "scene." Everyone else can suck it.

4. I think the general concept of "unity" is bullshit. If we're down, I'll stick by you. If you're a dick, then basically, fuck you. I'm not gonna stick my neck out for someone I don't care for, just because we wear similar clothes and like some of the same bands.

5. To me, as far as philosophy or whatever goes, the only thing punk "is," is being real and speaking your mind (e.g. not being a fake). So, if you're actually "dangerous" (OH SHIT!), then go ahead and be dangerous. If you're NOT dangerous, acting like it is lame, not to mention stupid. If you're a nerd, be a nerd. A nerd can be the "punkest motherfucker around," as long as he's a nerd all the time and proud of it, and he's into punk, and calls himself a punk.

6. I personally hate the "secret society"/elitist country club attitude that some people have about punk, hardcore, Oi!, etc. I understand it, I'm just not a fan.

These are obviously just my own viewpoints. I'm not trying to sway anyone else's opinions one way or another.

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